Our Mission

Simplify the care path thanks to digital tools. Everything started in 2017 following a simple observation: finding a doctor and making an appointment is often a real headache. We wanted to make life easier for patients and doctors by making this step easier. That's how we got into the doctors' offices.

What we do

Health Professionals, simplify your daily life with HaitiDoctor, Making appointments online Medical diary complete and customizable Sharing secure documents...


"It allows the patient to make an appointment whatever the time".

Dr. Jonathan
  • 4.50

"It's not just a directory".

Dr. Smith
  • 4.50

"HaitiDocteur helped me optimize my visibility on the internet".

Dr. Theodule
  • 4.50

Our Experts

Passionate experts who give their all to you

Matino Saintilus

Billy Joseph

Theodule Jean Baptiste

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